• Youtubes

    A few choices of our favourite youtube videos. Mostly to show off the music but also to show any interesting footage or compilations. Here we’ve included someof the rarer records on the scene around the 70’s era. Youtube is great for picking out obscure artists and one thing can lead to another. So feel free to jump to the real page and explore.

    Jr. Walker and The All stars – What does it take. A 1969 Us top 5 hit for Jr after he had moved to Motown.A cover of this was done in the eighties which again brought it to the public fore.

    Larry Saunders – Fly away love bird. From his rare Lp – The prophet of soul – in 1976. This is absolute perfection in terms of Modern soul and confirms what talent the man had.

    Masterpiece – Love Affair. A strange one I came across on the net, but yet sounds familliar. A perfect example of the music termed – crossover – and oh so certainly 70s.

    The Ambers – Another Love. Probably better known for the b-side of this track Potion of love.The Ambers were big on the scene circa 67 Another of there’s to look out for – I love you baby, which sounds similar to The Masqueraders.

    The Masqueraders – How. Arguably the greatest group on the scene. But unfortunetly some of the rarest of stuff to find. Tracks like -Thats the same thing, I got the power, Do you love me baby, I aint got to love nobody else, Please take me back, I aint gonna stop, Now that I’ve found you, Wake up fool, Starry Love, Everybody wanna live on, just to name a few.