• Links

    We’ve all got our favourite sites we like to visit ritually. Some can be relevant just to us, but sometimes a change of scene can be good too. Here are a few we would find ourselves visiting often and bookmarking. We have chosen a few communities for discussing music aswell as a few sites for downloading music and radio shows.

    This is the main discussion forum in Ireland for Soul, Northern soul, Modern and even mod music. We cannot recommend this site enough. Its run by the very friendly and down to earth Joe Moran, with a welcoming community you would expect from a soul crowd. Expect to hear anything from deep heavy weight discussions to light hearted hows your granny? talk.

    The mother of all discussion boards with regard to soul music. If your looking for that obscure record or just need some info on a particular b-side, then pop along to soul source to get your fix. The site also features a hugely powerful database of rare soul clips. These are constantly added to by the community and is often your first place to look with regards to hearing samples.

    As for music recommendations online, look no further than the guys over at Sixmillionsteps. Radio shows hosted on the Uks Starpoint radio and include music from some fantastic music presenters – Ian Dewhirst, Alan Champ, Andrew, JJ & Dave. The guys put up there weekly shows for download and the music covers – disco, 80s groove, soul, house and anything thats suitably good.

    Rare grooves modern soul is a show that’s hosted by the Legendary Paul Collins. Originally known as the soul cellar which ran for several years, Pauls gone and changed things round to keep with the times. But not changing his great selections of soul and modern soul flavours. Again Pauls shows are posted up every week with an in depth track listing for your pleasure.

    Mutant Space have been a great resource for us and is an exciting, progressing space to visit regularly to see whats going on around the country regards social events. The events can be anything from Music festivals to Film, Food, Art. “Anything goes” I think would be a fair quote to take from these guys as the amount of ideas and thoughts that flow through the place is refreshing to see. Get over there and share some of your time with others or gain some help with that project of yours. No idea is untreated with them!