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    Just added a transcript from conversations with Mutantspace about our band for the Midsummer fest. There is also a write up on the highly discussed record recently selling for a huge some of money – Frank Wilson’s iconic “Do I Love You”. But maybe you’d like to hear bout Frank rather than just one track. I’ve also included a handy list from Kev Roberts top 500. Finally an interesting piece from an equally interesting character Ian Dewhirst (the man behind Mastercuts).

    It started with a general conversation about Northern Soul and before we knew it we were into the intricacies of sound, look and feel.
    “So what about the live music?”
    “Where are we going to get a band?”
    “There isn’t exactly a whole lot of Northern Soul groups around these days”
    “What we need is some top quality musicians without any pre-conceptions. Guys who can replicate a Northern Soul sound and not strive to be a front Line act or a typical mainline group”
    “You’re right; a solid drummer, a bass section for sure, sax, piano and that wa – wa guitar effect for the typical Motown or Northern sound”
    “There’s that jazz combo Fiar, they’re great musicians and really love their music”.
    “Ok, maybe start with them. They may know others who could fit the bill”.

    So we approached the band sent them some sample tracks – mostly instrumentals, that we felt summarised the Northern Soul sound to see if they could replicate them. Iconic tracks like Alvin Cash’s “Twine time”, Willie Kendrick “Change your ways”, The Spinners “It’s a shame”. Other songs for the purists on the Northern scene like The Producers “Lady, Lady, Lady and Tony Clarke’s “Landslide”.

    And so the search for the Anonymous group became part of the whole exciting trip through the Northern Nights in a mutantspace. It felt right and what came about was the culmination of an idea.  Experimental musicians striving to re-create an old old sound. Lets hope they can pull it off!

    “So who are our anonymous band?”
    “Can we call them Mutant and the Spacers”?
    “I think maybe The Mutants”
    “Anyway Daniel Walsh takes the helm on drums. He plays in a number of groups including piano/vocal/drum duo Ruby Apples and jazz trio Fiar.”
    “What did he have to say about the others?”
    Well here’s the man himself speaking about the band..
    “This kind of music needs musicians with feel and competence so I put the band together accordingly. We’ve got Richie Walsh on Bass, Richie mainly plays bass with Cork-based Waterford band O Emperor. Phil Christie on Keys, Phil also plays keys in O Emperor. Jason O’Driscoll on Guitar, he’s a drummer and guitarist and mainly plays guitar with The Federation Of Light. And finally, to complete the band, I got Gerard Mehigan on Tenor Sax. Ger is based out of the Cork School of Music but plays with a number of other bands”

    Our classic night of Northern Soul will be a mixture of live music and your hosts Graham & Martin from The Northern Nights spinning some rare soul tracks. We also have a few mutantspace surprises to make it all one special night out. Doors are open from 10pm so get your shoes polished, suits dry cleaned, dresses pressed and go buy your ticket from the Midsummer Box office at The Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street. There are concessions for all members of mutantspace.ie and The Northern Nights mailing list.

    Having recently been in the spot light for his rarest of releases “Do I Love You”, thaught we’d put up a bit of info on the man.

    Frank Edward Wilson was born December 5, 1940 in Houston to James Wilson and Samantha Gibbs. While still in his teens, he moved with his family to Los Angeles.
    In 1963, Berry Gordy asked producers Hal Davis and Marc Gordon to set up an office of Motown in Los Angeles. Wilson accepted an offer to join the team. In December 1963, “Stevie” by Patrice Holloway (V.I.P. 25001) was the first single released from the West Coast operation and featured Wilson in the songwriting credits. He went on to write and produce hit records for Brenda Holloway, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes,The Miracles, The Four Tops, Eddie Kendricks, and more. Additionally, Wilson produced a Gold Album on Lenny Williams, former lead singer for Tower of Power.
    Wilson also tried his hand at being a recording artist himself, recording the single “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” for release on the Motown subsidiary label ‘Soul.’ Supposedly 250 demo 45s were pressed, but by that time Frank Wilson decided he would rather focus on producing and had the demos trashed. Somehow at least two known copies survived, one of which fetched over £25,000 (aprox. $37,000) in May 2009.
    Because of the scarcity of the original single and the high quality of the music (it was one of the most popular records in the Northern Soul movement), it has been championed as one of the rarest and most valuable records in history (along with other “impossible to find” records by such acts as Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, and the Five Sharps).
    Wilson left Motown in 1976 and became a born-again Christian. He is now a minister, traveling and writing books with his wife Bunny Wilson, and is also involved in the production of gospel music as well. In 2004, he founded the New Dawn Christian Village in Los Angeles.

    Northern Soul Top 500

    1. Wilson, Frank – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) (Soul) (£15,000)
    2. Gray, Dobie – Out on the Floor (Charger)
    3. Baker, Yvonne – You Didn’t Say a Word (Parkway) (£300 – official issue)
    4. Wilson, Al – The Snake (Soul City)
    5. Radcliffe, Jimmy – Long After Tonight is Over (Musicor)
    6. Fountain, James – Seven Day Lover (Peachtree)
    7. Epitome of Sound – You Don’t Love Me (Sandbag)
    8. Mimms, Garnet – Looking for You (United Artists)
    9. Beverly, Frankie & the Butlers – If That’s What You Wanted (Sassy/Gamble)
    10. Wood, Chuck – Seven Days Too Long (Roulette)
    11. Butler, Billy – The Right Track (Okeh)
    12. Salvadors – Stick by Me Baby (Wise World)
    13. Tomangoes – I Really Love You (Washpan)
    14. Legend, Tobi – Time Will Pass You By (Amy) (£300 – official issue)
    15. Clarke, Tony – Landslide (Chess)
    16. Williams, Larry & Johnny Watson – Too Late (Okeh)
    17. Valery, Dana – You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies (Columbia)
    18. Tee, Willie – Walking Up a One Way Street (Nola)
    19. Barnes, Dena – If You Ever Walk Out of My Life (Inferno)
    20. Taylor, R. Dean – There’s a Ghost in My House (V.I.P.)
    21. Bell, Archie & the Drells – Here I Go Again (Atlantic)
    22. Batiste, Rose – Hit & Run (Revilot)
    23. Street, Judy – What (Strider)
    24. Jones, Gloria – Tainted Love (Champion)
    25. Smith, Moses – Girl Across the Street (Dionn)
    26. McNair, Barbara – You’re Gonna Love My Baby (Motown)
    27. Rubin – You’ve Been Away (Kapp)
    28. Britt, Mel – She’ll Come Running Back (FIP) (£600 – official issue/£800 – demo)
    29. Checkerboard Squares – Double Cookin’ (Villa) (£300)
    30. Carstairs – It Really Hurts Me Girl (Red Coach)
    31. Williams, Jerry – If You Ask Me (Calla)
    32. Johnson, Lou – Unsatisfied (Big Top)
    33. Barnes, JJ – Our Love is in the Pocket (Revilot)
    34. Thomas, Don – Come on Train (NUVJ)
    35. MVPs – Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up (Buddah)
    36. Sheldon, Sandi – You’re Gonna Make Me Love You (Okeh)
    37. Vel-vets – I Got to Find Me Somebody (20th Century)
    38. Patti & the Emblems – I’m Gonna Love You a Long, Long Time (Kapp)
    39. Little Anthony & the Imperials – Better Use Your Head (Veep)
    40. Casualeers – Dance, Dance, Dance (Roulette)
    41. Montgomery, Jack – Dearly Beloved (Scepter)
    42. Hamilton, Roy – Crackin’ Up Over You (RCA Victor)
    43. Clark, Connie – My Sugar Baby (Joker)
    44. Voices of East Harlem – Cashing In (Just Sunshine)
    45. Clark, Dee – That’s My Girl (Constellation)
    46. Hutton, Bobby – Lend a Hand (ABC)
    47. Andrews, Ruby – Just Loving You (Zodiac)
    48. Vibrations – Cause You’re Mine (Okeh)
    49. Covey, Julian – A Little Bit Hurt (Island)
    50. Sharp, Dee Dee – What Kind of Lady (Gamble)
    51. Patten, Alexander – A Lil’ Lovin’ Sometimes (Capitol)
    52. Checker, Chubby – You Just Don’t Know (What You Do to Me) (Parkway) (£350)
    53. Chance, Nolan – Just Like the Weather (Constellation)
    54. Paris, Bobby – Night Owl (Cameo)
    55. Burdick, Doni – Bari Track (Sound Impression)
    56. Courtney, Dean – I’ll Always Need You (RCA Victor)
    57. Clinton, Larry – She’s Wanted (Dynamo) (£1,500 – official issue/£1,000 – demo)
    58. Ragland, Lou – I Travel Alone (Amy) (£300)
    59. Chavez, Freddie – They’ll Never Know Why (Look) (£400 – official issue)
    60. Seven Souls – I Still Love You (Okeh) (£300 – official issue)
    61. Parrish, Dean – I’m On My Way (Laurie)
    62. Contours – Baby Hit & Run (Tamla Motown)
    63. Banks, Darrell – Open the Door to Your Heart (Revilot)
    64. Spinners (Detroit) – I’ll Always Love You (Motown)
    65. Lynn, Tami – I’m Gonna Run Away from You (Atco)
    66. Lance, Major – You Don’t Want Me No More (Okeh)
    67. Hebb, Bobby – Love, Love, Love (Philips)
    68. Relf, Bob – Blowing My Mind to Pieces (Trans-American)
    69. Drifters – You Got to Pay Your Dues (Atlantic)
    70. Invitations – Skiing in the Snow (Dynovoice)
    71. Poets – She Blew a Good Thing (Symbol)
    72. Lovejoy, Joy – In Orbit (Chess)
    73. Randell, Lynne – Stranger in My Arms (Epic)
    74. Velvet Satins – Nothing Can Compare to You (General American)
    75. Martin, Shane – I Need You (Epic)
    76. Tams – Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me (ABC Paramount)
    77. Pride, Lou – I’m Comun’ Home in the Mountain (Suemi) (£1,000)
    78. Anka, Paul – I Can’t Help Lovin’ You (RCA Victor)
    79. Four Perfections – I’m Not Strong Enough (Party Time)
    80. Prophets/The Creation – I Got the Fever (Smash/Eric)
    81. Coasters – Crazy Baby (Atco)
    82. Cooper, Christine – Heartaches Away My Boy (Parkway)
    83. Impressions – You’ve Been Cheatin’ (ABC Paramount)
    84. Melvin, Harold & the Blue Notes – Get Out (Landa)
    85. Dells – Run for Cover (Chess)
    86. Fascinations – Girls are Out to Get You (Mayfield)
    87. Foster, Eddie – I Never Knew (In)
    88. Van Dykes – Save My Love for a Rainy Day (Mala)
    89. Pointer Sisters – Send Him Back (Atlantic)
    90. Yum Yums – Gonna Be a Big Thing (ABC Paramount) (£500)
    91. Porter, Nolan – If I Could Only Be Sure (ABC)
    92. Lands, Hoagy – Next Line (Laurie)
    93. Hill, Lainie – Time Marches On (New Voice) (£300)
    94. Paris, Bobby – I Walked Away (Capitol)
    95. Turner, Spyder – I Can’t Make It Anymore (MGM)
    96. Valli, Frankie – You’re Ready Now (Smash)
    97. Wright, Earl – Thumb a Ride (Capitol)
    98. Sapphires – Gotta Have Your Love (ABC Paramount)
    99. Michael & Raymond – Man Without a Woman (RCA Victor) (£300 – demo)
    100. Jackson, Millie – My Man is a Sweet Man (Spring)
    101. Freeman, Bobby – I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Autumn)
    102. Poppies – There’s a Pain in My Heart (Epic)
    103. Edwards, Jackie – I Feel So Bad (Island)
    104. San Remo Golden Strings – Festival Time (Ric-Tic/Gordy)
    105. Spellbinders – Help Me (Get Myself Back Together Again) (Columbia)
    106. Jones, Gloria – Come Go With Me (Uptown)
    107. 7th Avenue Aviators/Frankie Karl & the Chevrons – You Should O’ Held On (Congress/Philtown) (£400 – Philtown)
    108. Knight, Marie – That’s No Way to Treat a Girl (Musicor)
    109. Starr, Edwin – Agent Double O Soul (Ric-Tic)
    110. Valentinos – Sweeter Than the Day Before (Chess)
    111. Turner, Ike & Tina – Dust My Broom (Tangerine)
    112. Barnes, JJ – Real Humdinger (Ric-Tic)
    113. Ann, Beverly – You’ve Got Your Mind On Other Things (RCA Victor)
    114. Charades – Key to My Happiness (MGM)
    115. Woods, Billy – Let Me Make You Happy (Sussex) (£2,000)
    116. Temple, Richard – That Beatin’ Rhythm (Mirwood)
    117. Smith, Otis – Let Her Go (Perception)
    118. Jon & the Wierdest – Can’t Get Over These Memories (Tie) (£1,000)
    119. Mitchell, Willie – The Champion EP (Hi)
    120. Superlatives – I Still Love You (Uptite)
    121. Exciters – Reaching for the Best (20th Century)
    122. Father’s Angels – Bok to Bach (MGM – UK)
    123. Champion, Mickie – What Good Am I? (Musette)
    124. Mills, Barbara – Queen of Fools (Hickory)
    125. Love, Mary – You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet (Modern)
    126. Professionals – That’s Why I Love You (Groove City) (£1,000)
    127. Majestics – I Love Her So Much (It Hurts Me) (Linda)
    128. Mitchell, Stanley – Get It Baby (Dynamo) (£400 – official issue/£300 – demo)
    129. Chestnut, Morris – Too Darn Soulful (Amy) (£300 – official issue)
    130. Foxx, Inez & Charlie – Tightrope (Dynamo)
    131. Bragg, Johnny – They’re Talking About Me (Elbejay)
    132. Frankie & the Classicals – What Shall I Do? (Calla)
    133. King, Solomon/Levi Jackson – This Beautiful Day (Columbia)
    134. Mistura, featuring Lloyd Michels – The Flasher (Fusion)
    135. Reflections – Like Adam & Eve (Paramount)
    136. Banks, Darrell – Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You (Revilot)
    137. Laws, Eloise – Love Factory (Music Merchant)
    138. Shakers – One Wonderful Moment (ABC)
    139. Beavers, Jackie – I Need My Baby (Revilot) (£600)
    140. Williams, Bernie – Ever Again (Bell) (£1,500)
    141. De-Lites – Lover (Cuppy) (£700)
    142. Apollas – Mr Creator (Warner Brothers)
    143. Incredibles – There is Nothing Else to Say (Audio Arts)
    144. Curtis, Lenny – Nothing Can Help You Now (End) (£450)
    145. Chandler, Gene – There Was a Time (Brunswick)
    146. Detroit Executives – Cool Off (Pameline)
    147. James, Jimmy – A Man Like Me (Stateside)
    148. Parrish, Dean – Determination (Boom)
    149. Wilson, Al – Help Me (Wand)
    150. Black’s Combo, Bill – Little Queenie (Hi)
    151. David & the Giants – Superlove (Crazy Horse)
    152. Caswell, Johnny – You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Decca)
    153. St James, Holly – That’s Not Love (ABC Paramount) (£300)
    154. Tempos – Countdown (Here I Come) (Canterbury)
    155. Lewis, Ramsey – Wade in the Water (Chess)
    156. Adam’s Apples – Don’t Take It Out on This World (Brunswick)
    157. Purify, James & Bobby – Shake a Tail Feather (Bell)
    158. Carlton, Little Carl – Competition Ain’t Nothin’ (Back Beat)
    159. Dynamics – Yes I Love You Baby (Top Ten)
    160. Hamilton, Edward & the Arabians – Baby Don’t You Weep (Mary Jane)
    161. Harris, Major – Call Me Tomorrow (Okeh)
    162. Browner, Duke – Crying Over You (Impact)
    163. Fuller Brothers – Time’s a Wasting (Soul Clock)
    164. Williams, Mel – Can It Be Me (Modern)
    165. Stevens, April – Wanting You (MGM)
    166. Mathis, Jodi – Don’t You Care Any More [sic] (Capitol)
    167. Exciters – Blowing Up My Mind (RCA Victor)
    168. Troy, Doris – I’ll Do Anything (Calla Issue)
    169. Ingram, Luther – Exus Trek/If It’s All the Same to You (HIB)
    170. Invitations – What’s Wrong with Me Baby (Dynovoice)
    171. Wilson, Nancy – End of Our Love (Capitol)
    172. Barnes, JJ – Please Let Me In (Ric-Tic)
    173. Kendrick, Willie – Change Your Ways (RCA Victor) (£300 – official issue)
    174. Austin, Patti – Take Away the Pain Stain (Coral)
    175. Heywood, Leon – Baby Reconsider (Fat Fish)
    176. Soul Twins – Quick Change Artist (Karen)
    177. Porter, NF – Keep On Keeping On (Lizard)
    178. David, Lee – Temptation is Calling My Name (Columbia)
    179. Volcanos – (It’s Against) The Laws of Love (Arctic)
    180. Mayfield, Curtis – Move On Up (Curtom)
    181. Valli, Frankie & the Four Seasons – The Night (Mowest – UK)
    182. Mahoney, Skip – Janice (Don’t Be So Blind to Love) (Salsoul)
    183. Ward, Sam – Sister Lee (Groove City) (£350)
    184. Freeman, Art – Slippin’ Around with You (Fame)
    185. McNeir, Ronnie – Sitting in My Class/Isn’t She a Pretty Girl (Deto)
    186. Tony & Tyrone – Please Operator (Atlantic)
    187. Dacosta, Rita – Don’t Bring Me Down (Pandora/Mohawk) (£400 – Pandora)
    188. Vibrating Vibrations – Surprise Party for Baby (Neptune)
    189. Burns, Jimmy – I Really Love You (Erica) (£1,000)
    190. Lee, Laura – To Win Your Heart (Ric-Tic)
    191. Elbert, Donnie – A Little Piece of Leather (Gateway)
    192. Van Dyke, Earl & the Motown Brass – Six by Six (Soul)
    193. Russell, Saxie – Psychedelic Soul (Thomas)
    194. Bernard, Kenny – What Love Brings (Pye)
    195. Holloway, Brenda – Reconsider (Motown – White Label)
    196. Thomas, Jimmy – The Beautiful Night (Parlophone) (£400 – official issue)
    197. Gibson, Wayne – Under My Thumb (Columbia)
    198. Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You (GSF)
    199. Barnes, Towanda – You Don’t Mean It (A&M)
    200. Cambridge, Dottie – Cry Your Eyes Out (MGM)
    201. Manifesto – A Case of Tyme (Legend)
    202. Carrow, George – Angel Baby (Don’t You Ever Leave Me) (Columbia)
    203. Frankie & Johnny – I’ll Hold You (Decca)
    204. Robinson, Shawn – My Dear Heart (Minit)
    205. Dramatics – Inky Dinky Wang Dang Do (Wingate)
    206. Clark, Alice – You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me) (Warner Brothers)
    207. Clark, Johnny ‘Soul’ – (Come On & Be My) Sweet Darlin’ (Soul Hawk)
    208. Paul, John E – I Wanna Know (Decca)
    209. Scott-Heron, Gil – The Bottle (Strata East)
    210. Cooper, Eula – Let Our Love Grow Higher (Super Sound)
    211. Contours – Just a Little Misunderstanding (Gordy)
    212. Derek & Ray – Interplay (RCA Victor)
    213. Demain, Arin – Silent Treatment (Blue Star) (£700)
    214. Flamingos – Boogaloo Party (Philips)
    215. Fletcher, Sam – I’d Think It Over (Tollie)
    216. Shaw, Marlena – Let’s Wade in the Water (Chess)
    217. Guess, Lenis – Just Ask Me (SPQR/LeGrand)
    218. Roye, Lee – Tears (Nothing But Tears) (Decca)
    219. Moore, Melba – Magic Touch (Kent Anniversary Special)
    220. Little Richie – Just Another Heartache (Sound Stage 7) (£300)
    221. Lumley, Rufus – I’m Standing (Holton)
    222. Magnetics – Lady in Green (Bonnie) (£1,500)
    223. Cashmeres – Show Stopper (Hem) (£1,000)
    224. Milestones (Mylestones) – The Joker (Andre)
    225. Mitchell, Prince Phillip – I’m So Happy (Atlantic)
    226. Middleton, Tony – Paris Blues (Amy)
    227. Mosley, Ernest – Stubborn Heart (La-Cindy) (£500 – official issue/£1,500 – demo)
    228. Mr Flood’s Party – Compared to What (GM)
    229. Mr Soul/Al Scott – What Happened to Yesterday? (Genuine) (£1,500)
    230. Hesitations – I’m Not Built That Way (Kapp)
    231. Prophet, Billy – What Can I Do? (Sue)
    232. Roman, Little Joe – When You’re Lonesome (Come On Home) (Tuff) (£400)
    233. Bounty, James – Prove Yourself a Lady (Compass)
    234. Sayles, Johnny – I Can’t Get Enough (St Lawrence)
    235. Sam & Kitty – I’ve Got Something Good (Four Brothers)
    236. Sheen, Bobby – Something New to Do (Warner Brothers)
    237. Spiral Starecase – More Today Than Yesterday (Columbia)
    238. Soul Brothers Six – I’ll Be Loving You (Atlantic)
    239. Originals – Suspicion/Baby Have Mercy on Me (Motown – acetate) (£1,000)
    240. Fantastic Johnny C – Don’t Depend on Me (Phil-LA-of-Soul)
    241. Flirtations – Stronger Than Her Love (Festival)
    242. Natural Four – I Thought You Were Mine (ABC)
    243. Fi-Dels – Try a Little Harder (Keymen)
    244. Tex, Joe – Under Your Powerful Love (Dial)
    245. Skullsnaps – I’m Your Pimp (GSF)
    246. Vann, Ila – Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine (Roulette)
    247. Douglas, Carl – Serving a Sentence of Life (United Artists)
    248. Ward, Herb – Honest to Goodness (RCA)
    249. Wyatt, Johnny – This Thing Called Love (Bronco)
    250. Banks, Doug – I Just Kept on Dancing (Argo)
    251. Sapphires – Slow Fizz (ABC)
    252. Callier, Terry – Look at Me Now (Cadet)
    253. Harper, Jeanette – Put Me in Your Pocket (20th Century)
    254. Knight, Jason – Our Love is Getting Stronger (Pye)
    255. Hestor, Tony – Down in the Dumps (Goldmine)
    256. Davison, Alfie – Love is a Serious Business (Mercury)
    257. Williams, Jeanette – All of a Sudden (Back Beat)
    258. Armstead, Jo – I Feel an Urge Coming On (Giant)
    259. Courcy, JoAnn – I Got the Power (Twirl) (£500)
    260. Eddie & Ernie – I Can’t Do It (I Just Can’t Leave You) (Eastern)
    261. Betty Boo – Say It Isn’t So (Grapevine)
    262. Shelton, Roscoe – Running for My Life (Sound Stage 7)
    263. Williams, Maurice – Being Without You (Deesu)
    264. Wiggins, Spencer – Let’s Talk It Over (Soul Series)
    265. Nomads – Somethin’s Bad (Mo-Groov) (£800)
    266. Terrible Tom – We Were Made for Each Other (Maverick)
    267. Carr, James – That’s What I Want to Know (Goldwax)
    268. Garrett, Kelly – Love’s the Only Answer (Smash)
    269. Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore at Me (Revilot)
    270. Staton, Candi – Now You’ve Got the Upper Hand (Unity) (£350)
    271. Edmund Jr, Lada – The Larue (Decca)
    272. Lawson, Robbie – Burning Sensation (Kyser) (£1,000)
    273. Collins & Collins – Top of the Stars (A&M)
    274. Reparta & the Delrons – Panic (Mala)
    275. Troy, Benny – I Wanna Give You Tomorrow (De-Lite)
    276. Houston, Thelma – Baby Mine (Capitol)
    277. Ryder, Mitch & the Detroit Wheels – Breakout (New Voice)
    278. Shirelles – Last Minute Miracle (Scepter)
    279. Porgy & the Monarchs – My Heart Cries for You (Musicor)
    280. Daybreak – I Need Love (PAP)
    281. Parker, Eddie – Love You Baby (Ashford)
    282. Righteous Brothers Band – Rat Race (Verve)
    283. Butlers with Frankie Beverly – Because of My Heart (Rouser) (£5,000)
    284. Johnson, Herb & the Impacts – I’m So Glad (Toxsan) (£300)
    285. Lee, Jackie – Darkest Days (ABC)
    286. Shapiro, Helen – Stop & You’ll Always Be There (Columbia)
    287. Shalimars – Stop & Take a Look at Yourself (Verve)
    288. Lewis Miss LL, Louise– Oo Wee I’ll Let It Be You Babe (Skyway)
    289. Younghearts – A Little Togetherness (Canterbury)
    290. Karmen, Steve Band featuring Jimmy Radcliffe – Breakaway (United Artists)
    291. Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely (Col-Soul) (£300)
    292. Lollipops – Loving Good Feeling (Impact)
    293. Lyndell, Linda – Bring Your Love Back To Me (Volt)
    294. United Four – She’s Putting You On (Harthon)
    295. Smith, Bobbie – Walk On Into My Heart (American Arts)
    296. Bob & Earl Band – My Little Girl (instrumental) (Jay Boy)
    297. August & Deneen – We Go Together (ABC)
    298. Aiken, Ben – Satisfied (Loma)
    299. Allen, Larry/L – Can’t We Talk It Over (Green Dolphin) (£300 – as Larry)
    300. Montclairs – Hung Up On Your Love (Paula)
    301. Traynor, Jay – Up & Over (ABC) (£300 – official issue)
    302. Little Ann – What Should I Do (Kent)
    303. Andrews, Lee & the Hearts – I’ve Had It (Crimson)
    304. Jay & the Techniques – Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie (Smash)
    305. Lewis, Tamala – You Won’t Say Nothing (Marton) (£1,000)
    306. Day, Muriel – Nine Times Out of Ten (Page One)
    307. Adventurers – Easy Baby (Compass)
    308. Gems – I’ll Be There (Riverside)
    309. Heatherton, Joey – When You Called Me Baby (Decca)
    310. Grant, Earl – Hide Nor Hair (Decca)
    311. Kent, Al – You Got to Pay the Price (Ric-Tic)
    312. Bishop, Eddie – Call Me (Paramount)
    313. Jones, Johnny & the King Casuals – Purple Haze (Brunswick)
    314. World Column – So Is the Sun (Tower)
    315. Bryant, Lillie – Meet Me Halfway (Tay-Ster) (£500)
    316. Servicemen – Need a Helping Hand (Wind-Hit) (£1,000)
    317. Embers – Watch Out Girl (MGM)
    318. Courtney, Dean – Love, You Just Can’t Walk Away (MGM)
    319. Cooperettes – Shing a Ling (Brunswick)
    320. Chandler, Gene – I Can Take Care of Myself (Constellation)
    321. Hughes, Fred – Baby Boy (Brunswick)
    322. Malibus – Gee Baby (I Love You) (Sure-Shot)
    323. Jades – I’m Where It’s At (Nite Life) (£300)
    324. Inspirations – No One Else Can Take Your Place (Breakthrough) (£4,000)
    325. Ward, Clare – Right Direction (Verve)
    326. Chapter Five – You Can’t Mean It (CBS)
    327. Jones, E Rodney – R & B Time (Part 1) (Tuff/Karisma)
    328. Moore, Johnny – Walk Like a Man (Date)
    329. Sweet Things – I’m In a World of Trouble (Date)
    330. Henry, Andrea – I Need You Like a Baby (MGM)
    331. Artistics – I’m Gonna Miss You (Brunswick)
    332. Ivorys – Please Stay (Despenza/Wand) (£600 – Wand)
    333. Chaumonts – I Need Your Love (Caravelle)
    334. Little Anthony & the Imperials – Gonna Fix You Good (Veep)
    335. Ad-Libs – Nothing Worse Than Being Alone (Share)
    336. Nero, Frances – Keep on Loving Me (Soul)
    337. Del-Larks – Job Opening (Queen City) (£1,000 – official issue/£2,000 – demo)
    338. Cook, Jerry – I Hurt On the Other Side (Capitol)
    339. Jackson, Chuck – These Chains of Love (Are Breaking Me Down) (Wand)
    340. Varner, Don – Tear Stained Face (Quinvy) (£700)
    341. Valentines – Breakaway (Sound Stage 7)
    342. Uggams, Leslie – Love is a Good Foundation (Sonday)
    343. Triumphs – Walkin’ the Duck (Verve)
    344. Kirby, George – What Can I Do (Cadet)
    345. Flame N King & the Bold Ones – Ho Happy Day (NYCS)
    346. Navarro, Tommy – I Cried My Life Away (Dejac)
    347. Kelly, Paul – Chills & Fever (Lloyd)
    348. Jones, Tamiko – I’m Spellbound (Golden World) (£400 – official issue)
    349. Laskey, Emanuel – I’m a Peace Loving Man (Thelma)
    350. Lewis, Barbara – I Remember the Feeling (Atlantic)
    351. Jackson, Marke (Chris) – I’ll Never Forget You (Jamie)
    352. Perry, Ann – That’s the Way He Is (Theoda)
    353. Platters – Washed Ashore (On a Lonely Island in the Sea) (Musicor)
    354. Instrumental (Ronnie & Robyn) – Sidra’s Theme (Sidra)
    355. Newbeats – Run Baby Run (Hickory)
    356. Smith, Kenny – Lord, What’s Happening to Your People (Goldspot/GAR)
    357. Sons of Moses – Soul Symphony (Soft/Coral)
    358. Little Hank – Mister Bang Bang Man (Sound Stage 7)
    359. Youth Opportunity Programme/Jimmy Fraser – Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones (Columbia) (£300 – Y.O.P/£300 – Jimmy Fraser: official issue)
    360. Chandler, Gene & Barbara Acklin – From the Teacher to the Preacher (Brunswick)
    361. Triumphs – I’m Coming to Your Rescue (Okeh)
    362. Wagner, Danny & the Kindred Soul – I Lost a True Love (Imperial)
    363. Collins, Will & Will Power – Is There Anything I Can Do? (Bareback)
    364. Perry, Greg – It Takes Heart (Alfa)
    365. Paris, Bobby – Per-son-ally (Tetragamatton)
    366. Smith, Youngblood – You Can Split (Verve)
    367. Raye, Jimmy – Philly Dog Around the World (KKC) (£300)
    368. Pollard, Ray – The Drifter (United Artists)
    369. Mitchell, Willie – That Driving Beat (Hi)
    370. Colt, James – Black Power (Phoof)
    371. Furys – I’m Satisfied with You (Keymen)
    372. Garner, Reggie – Hot Line (Capitol)
    373. Mitchell, Jock – Not a Chance in a Million (Impact)
    374. Guyton, Howard – I Watched You Slowly Slip Away (Verve)
    375. Jackson, Millie – A House for Sale (Spring – UK)
    376. Total Eclipses – 6 O’Clock (from LP) (Imperial)
    377. Holman, Eddie – Where I’m Not Wanted/Hurt (Goldmine)
    378. Lee, Jackie – Do the Temptation Walk (Mirwood)
    379. Lewis, Pat – No One to Love (Solid Hit) (£800)
    380. Everett, Betty – Getting Mighty Crowded (Vee Jay)
    381. Wynns, Sandy – A Touch of Venus (Champion/Doc)
    382. Showmen – Our Love Will Grow (Swan)
    383. High Keys – Living a Lie (Verve)
    384. Velvet Hammer – Happy (Soozi)
    385. David & the Giants – Ten Miles High (Crazy Horse)
    386. Banks, Homer – Hooked by Love (Minit)
    387. Hicks, Joe – Don’t It Make You Feel Funky (AGC)
    388. Mamie Galore – It Ain’t Necessary (St Lawrence)
    389. Walker, Junior & the All Stars – Tune Up (Soul)
    390. Wynder K Frog – Green Door (Island)
    391. Hatcher, Roger – Sweetest Girl in the World (Excello)
    392. Chandler, Lorraine – I Can’t Change (RCA Victor)
    393. Masqueraders – Do You Love Me Baby? (Wand)
    394. Charmaines – Eternally (Date)
    395. Baines, Vickie – Country Girl (Parkway) (£400 – official issue)
    396. Goldsboro, Bobby – Too Many People (United Artists – UK)
    397. Edwards, Lou – Talkin’ ‘Bout Poor Folks (Thinking ‘Bout My Folks) (Columbia)
    398. O’Jays – I Dig Your Act (Bell)
    399. Empires – You’re On Top Girl (Candi) (£1,200)
    400. McDaniels, Gene – Walk With a Winner (Liberty)
    401. People’s Choice – Savin’ My Lovin’ for You (Palmer) (£300)
    402. Anthony, Sheila – Livin’ in Love (Buttercup)
    403. Lane, Mickey Lee – Hey Sah-Lo-Ney (Swan)
    404. Knight, Gladys & the Pips – Just Walk in My Shoes (Soul)
    405. Thomas, Carla – I’ll Never Stop Loving You (Kent – UK)
    406. Starr, Edwin – I Have Faith in You (Ric-Tic)
    407. Baker, Butch – The Fat Man/Bat Man at the Go-Go (St Lawrence)
    408. Hudson, Pookie – This Gets to Me (Jamie)
    409. Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band – Condition Red (Jubilee)
    410. Brown, Maxine – It’s Torture (Kent – UK)
    411. Barnett, James – Keep On Talking (Fame)
    412. Holiday, Jimmy & Clydie King – Ready Willing & Able (Minit)
    413. Banks, Robert – A Mighty Good Way (Verve)
    414. Ambers – Potion of Love (Smash)
    415. Anderson, Carol – Sad Girl (Fee)
    416. Mylestones – Sexy Lady (Hawk Sound)
    417. Matthews, Joe – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do (Kool Kat) (£350 – official/£400 – demo)
    418. Toones, Gene – What More Do You Want (Simco) (£1,000 – official /£700 – demo)
    419. Davis, Melvin – Find a Quiet Place (Wheel City) (£700)
    420. Du-ettes – Every Beat of My Heart (Mar-V-Lus)
    421. Kent, Al – Way You Been Acting Lately (Ric-Tic)
    422. Imaginations – Strange Neighbourhood (Fraternity) (£400 – official issue)
    423. Maestro, Johnny – I’m Stepping Out of the Picture (Scepter) (£600)
    424. Nosmo King – Goodbye/The Javells – Goodbye Nothing to Say (Pye)
    425. Supremes – He’s All I Got (Motown)
    426. Dee, Kiki – On a Magic Carpet Ride (Fontana)
    427. Jewell, Len – Bettin’ On Love (Fontana/Teri-De) (£1,000 – Teri-De)
    428. Coulter, Phil – A Good Thing Going (Columbia)
    429. Scott, Cindy – I Love You Baby (Veep)
    430. Chandler, Gene – Mr Big Shot (Constellation)
    431. Cairos – Stop Overlooking Me (Shrine) (£1,500)
    432. Buster & Eddie – Can’t Be Still (Class)
    433. Daye, Eddie & the Four Bars – Guess Who Loves You (Shrine) (£1,500)
    434. Holloway, Patrice – Love & Desire (Capitol)
    435. Curry, Clifford – I Can’t Get Hold of Myself (Elf)
    436. Little Richard – I Don’t Want to Discuss It (Okeh)
    437. Debonairs – Lovin’ You Takes all of My Time (Solid Hit) (£750)
    438. Gaye, Marvin – Love Starved Heart (Tamla)
    439. Reeves, Martha & the Vandellas – One Way Out (Gordy)
    440. Coefield, Brice – Ain’t That Right (Omen)
    441. Sheen, Bobby – Dr Love (Capitol)
    442. Lewis, Gary & the Playboys – My Heart’s Symphony (Liberty)
    443. Burning Bush – Keeps on Burning (Mercury)
    444. Ascots – Another Day (Mir-A-Don)
    445. Jackson, Chuck – Hand It Over (Wand)
    446. Patterson, Bobby – My Baby’s Coming Back to Me (Jetstar)
    447. Bits’N Pieces – Keep on Running Away (Nasco)
    448. Holden, Ron – I’ll Forgive & Forget (Challenge)
    449. Jones, Linda – I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You Babe) (Warner Brothers)
    450. Jewels – We Got Togetherness (MGM)
    451. Hutch, Willie – The Duck/Love Runs Out (Dunhill) (£300 – official issue)
    452. Sexton, Ann – You’ve Been Gone Too Long (Impel/Seventy 7)
    453. Weston, Kim – Helpless (Gordy)
    454. Kline, Bobby – Say Something Nice to Me (MB) (£500)
    455. Gardner, Don – Cheatin Kind (Sedgrick) (£3,000)
    456. Collins, Roger – You Sexy Sugar Plum (Fantasy)
    457. Commodores – The Zoo (The Human Zoo) (Mowest)
    458. Human Beinz – Nobody But Me (Capitol)
    459. Mack, Jimmy – My World is on Fire (Palmer) (£500 – official issue/£400 – demo)
    460. Velvelettes – These Things Will Keep Me Loving You (Soul)
    461. Checker, Chubby – At the Discotheque (Cameo)
    462. Hampton, Johnny – Not My Girl (Dotty’s) (£800)
    463. Houston, Larry – Let’s Spend Some Time Together (HFMP)
    464. Isley Brothers – Tell Me It’s Just a Rumour (Tamla Motown)
    465. Brown, Maxine – One in a Million (Wand)
    466. Randolph, Barbara – I Got a Feeling (Soul)
    467. Bell, Madelaine – Picture Me Gone (Mod)
    468. Arnold, PP – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Immediate)
    469. Ellis, Shirley – Soul Time (Columbia)
    470. Wylie, Richard ‘Popcorn’ – Rosemary What Happened (Karen)
    471. Tex, Joe – Show Me (Dial)
    472. Sigler, Bunny – Let the Good Times Roll & Feel So Good (Parkway)
    473. Sherrys – Put Your Loving Arms Around Me (Hot)
    474. Silhouettes – Not Me Baby (Goodway) (£400)
    475. Marvellettes – I’ll Keep Holding On (Tamla)
    476. Williams, Al – I Am Nothing (Palmer/La Beat) (£1,200 – Palmer/£900 – La Beat: official issue/£1,500 – La Beat: demo)
    477. Lindsey, Thelma – Prepared to Love You (Magic City)
    478. Basil, Toni – Breakaway (A&M)
    479. Starr, Edwin – My Weakness is You (Gordy)
    480. Velours – I’m Gonna Change (MGM)
    481. Tymes – What Would I Do? (MGM)
    482. Ames, Nancy – I Don’t Want to Talk About It (Epic)
    483. Merrell, Ray – Tears of Joy (Jay Boy)
    484. Middleton, Tony – To the Ends of the Earth (MGM)
    485. Parker, Eddie – I’m Gone (Awake) (£1,000)
    486. Metros – Since I Found My Baby (RCA Victor)
    487. Swann, Bettye – Make Me Yours (Money)
    488. Ward, Herb – Strange Change (Argo)
    489. Nabay – Believe It or Not (Impact)
    490. Tymes – Here She Comes (Parkway)
    491. Bland, Bobby – Shoes (Duke)
    492. Tipton, Lester – This Won’t Change (La Beat) (£1,500)
    493. Steinways – My Heart’s Not in It Anymore/You’ve Been Leading Me On (Oliver)
    494. Blackwell, Otis – Can’t Lose My Head (Smoke) (£300)
    495. Spinners (Detroit) – Sweet Thing (Motown)
    496. Fuzz, the – I’m So Glad (Roulette)
    497. Knight, Gladys & the Pips – Too Late for You & Me (Motown – unissued)
    498. Flower Shoppe – You’ve Come Along Way Baby (Spring)
    499. Olympics – Baby Do the Philly Dog (Mirwood)
    500. Santos, Larry – You Got Me Where You Want Me (Evolution)

    Here’s an excerpt from a great interview with the Legendary Nortern soul Dj Ian Dewhirst “Frank” who later was responsible for bringing a great compilation series to the masses – the mastercuts series.. The rest of the conversation can be followed on djhistory.com here. If you’ve got time have a look at Ian’s myspace where there’s a great video taken from his time at the Red Bull’s music accademy. here.

    What was the Mecca like?
    If you were a serious collector, the only place you could conceive of going was Blackpool Mecca. Levine was there, and Levine was the arbiter of taste. He always had the most breathtaking array of records. You might not know them all, but you’d know they’d all be good. And he would take chances. You’d never have heard ‘Seven Day Lover’ by James Fountain at Wigan. I have to give him respect, even though he’s pretty obnoxious to be around a lot of the time, and he always was. He was the guy who brought back ‘There’s A Ghost In MY House’ by R Dean Taylor. It was a VIP single. Levine comes back from the States and of course I’m on the phone on the Saturday afternoon. And he says, ‘I’ve got the greatest Northern Soul record ever.’ But he used to say this all the time. It’s on VIP, it’s written by Holland Dozier and Holland and it’s by a well-known singer. It’s ‘There’s A Ghost In My House’ by R Dean Taylor. So I’m like ‘Fuck off!’ It must be around, it can’t be that rare. That night he played it about six times and by the third time everybody realised that, yes, it is the greatest record ever. Overnight it’s the most wanted record in the country. The buzz spread. He’s done it again, he’s found a killer.

    So the next day everybody’s on to their contacts in the States, saying come on you must be able to find this; it’s easy: R Dean Taylor. We all went for it and everybody came up with a blank. We just couldn’t believe that it was that rare. This went on for about six weeks and the pressure for everybody to get this record was ridiculous. The thirst for this record was huge. Then the weirdest thing happened. Someone was coming back from Wigan Casino and went into a motorway service station and was bending down to get a Sunday paper and there was a rack of those old Music For Pleasure budget LP racks. And there was an R Dean Taylor compilation called ‘Indiana Wants Me’. Track three, side two, there it was: ‘There’s A Ghost In My House’. So it’s in every record shop in the country and we all fucking missed it! Of course, the game was up, within about a week I’d found about 50 copies and I was knocking them out at a fiver each!

    Do you remember the Northern crossover records?
    Previously, there’d been ‘Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me’ by the Tams, which I think was one of the early examples of something that had been rare and crossed over. By all accounts it had been a Wheel record. Barry Tasker, I think, was playing it. ‘You Sexy Sugar Plum’ by Rodger Collins was another one. ‘You Sexy Sugar Plum’ came from this guy in San Francisco, Bob Cattaneo, otherwise known as ‘Disco Bob’ to collectors. He had this record by Rodger Collins on Fantasy, and he’d already had a big Wheel record called ‘She’s Looking Good’ on Galaxy, then there’d been this gap. Disco Bob was sending out lists and we were all looking for the most wanted records like the Carstairs, the Inspirations. And on the list is this ‘Sexy Sugar Plum’ for four quid. Can’t be any good, we thought, because it was cheap and new. And of course somewhere along the line someone got it and then there was a feeding frenzy for it. It was a must have record.

    The Esther Phillips [What A Difference A Day Made] was Levine coming back from New York. These records coming from New York at that time were new, but it was taking them six weeks to come through to England. Like the Paul Humphrey record, ‘Cochise’, it was a new record. Another example is ‘Love Factory’ by Eloise Laws. A couple of dozen records came through to the UK and that was it, it disappeared. Two or three years later, bang. It think it came out in ‘73 and ‘75-’76 it became huge. It didn’t feel like it was rare because it was on Music Merchant and you used to see loads of crappy Music Merchant records (but never the Eloise Laws).

    It’s happened a few times that I’ve had records within my grasp and they haven’t felt that sexy so I’ve dismissed them, maybe because they’re on a label that’s not that rare. I did with Billy Woods ‘Let Me Make You Happy’ which is one of the greatest records ever made, purely because it was on Sussex. You used to fall over Sussex stuff everywhere, just couldn’t imagine that there was a rare record on Sussex and it turns out to be one of the rarest records of all time.